Surge Protection

Why is it important to have your home protected by surge protection in Columbus, Ohio?

Power surges are spikes in electrical current that can cause damage that varies from increased wear on electrical components to home fires. Small power surges are sometimes seen in light bulbs that momentarily brighten, but are usually not noticed at all. These small surges appear to have no effect on electrical devices, but can cause devices to fail over time. Today’s electronics are more complicated than ever, making many possessions, such as appliances, more susceptible to damage than in the past. For example, modern washing machines often use circuit boards to efficiently wash clothes. These circuit boards are more likely to be damaged by a surge than older style appliances that used simpler electronic controls. Whole home surge protectors are installed at or near the panel box for the home and at other unobtrusive locations to provide layered protection for the home. Surge protectors are also available for installation on telephone and cable wires to prevent surges from traveling along those lines and causing problems.

Though Columbus weather doesn’t reach the severe extremes of lake effect snows like more northerly cities or have as much tornado risk as areas to the west and south, Columbus experiences winter storms that are intensified by its proximity to the Great Lakes and summer storms created by tornadoes and thunderstorms that roar in from the Plains. These winter and summer storms means that Columbus residents can experience power outages, and the accompanying power spikes, year around. The effects of these storms can create power surges at any time of the year, meaning residents and businesses in the Columbus area should consider the use of power surge protectors to protect their buildings and possessions from damage.

While power companies and insurance policies will often, but not always, pay for the damage that a consumer suffers due to a power surge, having a surge protector can stop the damage from occurring. This means less time without appliances, computers, televisions or other home theater equipment. Whole home surge protection also means less chance of home fires and damaged electrical wiring and other components.