Why call The Electric Connection if your homes gas line needs bonded or grounded in Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio, is no stranger to severe weather, including thunderstorms that produce lightning strikes. If lightning strikes an ungrounded natural gas pipe, the energy from the lightning bolt could cause the gas to ignite and explode. In addition to contacting Columbia Gas or the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to locate the gas lines, home and business owners should call The Electric Connection to make sure that their gas lines are properly grounded and bonded.

Reasons Why Natural Gas Pipes Need Grounding
Lightning produces a short burst of intense energy. This energy is enough to damage copper and steel piping and the flexible connectors between sections of pipe. Houses in older Columbus neighborhoods such as Clintonville, the Short North and Victorian Village were grandfathered into the city code, which did not require bonding or grounding of gas lines at the time those houses and buildings were built. Without bonding or grounding, the electrical surge from a lightning strike could travel into the structure and damage any electronics, appliances and wiring within the home or building. This surge can happen with a direct lightning strike to the building structure or if lightning hits the ground, another structure or a nearby tree. The Electric Connection’s electricians can ground and bond natural gas lines to prevent this type of catastrophic damage.

How Grounding and Bonding of Natural Gas Lines Works
To ground the natural gas pipes of a home or building, The Electric Connection uses grounding equipment on the structure’s wiring system. The neutral wire is conducted deep into the soil in order to disperse energy from a lightning strike. Gas pipes are not directly grounded, but they can be bonded. The bonding of natural gas pipes involves bonding the service equipment enclosure, which is located above ground, to the grounded electrical service system. This takes place where the gas lines enter the home or building. Jumpers are used to make this attachment. The jumpers are usually made of thick copper wire. This type of bonding can be done on newly built homes as well as older homes and buildings.

The Electric Connection offers grounding and bonding for natural gas lines for residential and commercial properties. Their licensed and bonded electricians are able to complete this service quickly so that home and business owners can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their properties are safe.