Commercial Services

Why hire The Electric Connection as your commercial electric contractor in Columbus, Ohio?

Electronic Connection is a professional commercial electric contractor company specializing in commercial and industrial services. The professional company provides electrical professional, safe installation, maintenance and repair solutions for commercial companies.

Professional electric contractor solutions

Electrical contractors handle all of the installation and maintenance for electrical systems. These professionals are experienced in working with wiring, switches, breaker boxes and other electrical system components. From construction to maintenance, our commercial electricians assure that the systems are functioning safely and reliably. Testing expertise ensures maximum compatibility and smart wiring throughout the facility for solid performance. Troubleshooting support to assess the health of the system and what repairs needed to be made are performed by certified electricians.

Electric Connection is your no. 1 in safety and professionalism

Planning any form of an installation, retrofit, renovation or upgrade requires a deep level of understanding of safety, compatibility and testing. Our trained experts carefully review the site’s needs in order to identify the safest, professional system installation ideal for your business. Once installed, the most basic wiring and lighting requirements must be serviced regularly to ensure safety. We perform additional testing and maintenance routinely to ensure that the system continues to meet the property’s needs.

Services offered

• Site lighting
• LED lighting upgrades
• New construction
• Site modifications
• Site additions
• Panel, code and lighting upgrades
• Computer, telephone, underground, ceiling, attic fan wiring
• Alarm system monitoring

Importance of timely, reliable electrical support

Troubleshooting services keep the systems you rely on functioning the way they should. Our troubleshooting services resolve common problems that cause lights to malfunction. Diagnosing the root cause of the problem will help us identify whether or not a replacement or repair is needed.

Our repair and installation services:

• Lamp & ballasts
• Fluorescent signs
• Monument signs
• Meter cans
• Fluorescent signs
• Underground electric shorts
• Interior & exterior lighting

A commercial contractor with the expertise to install and maintain electrical systems for a variety of commercial site is necessary when planning a renovation, new site construction, or addition. Our trained electrical technicians can handle any small or large-scale project. We can work within any timeline and satisfy your budget requirements. We can develop compliant, electrical systems for any type of site.

• Exit Signs / Egress Lights

• Parking Lot Lighting

• Landscape Lighting

• Indoor / Outdoor Lighting

• Trouble Shooting Service

• Service Upgrades

• New Construction

• Tenant Finish

• Fixtures / Outlets

• Recessed Can Lighting

• Ceiling Fans

• Remodeling