Electric Panels

Why have The Electric Connection replace my homes Electric Panel in Westerville or Columbus, Ohio?

Lights can begin to flicker. Occasionally, crackling noises can be heard. If you have experienced any of these things, you may have to replace your home’s aging panel soon. An aging electric panel can lead to safety issues for a household, so it’s important to have The Electric Connection team replace the system if any problems with the unit exists.

The aging panel box

Just as any other aspect of the home is subject to aging, so is the electric panel. The switches can begin to malfunction and reject the wiring. Older screws can become loose over time. Minor issues like these can cause disruptive electrical problems. Modern appliances and devices can create further stress to the system, which could result in safety issues. An outdated system could mean that you have a compliance problem. If noncompliant with local, regulatory statutes, the safety of your home is at risk. Electric shock and other safety hazards can stem from electric problems like a malfunctioning electric panel.

Renovation and electric system upgrades

In addition to age-related problems, there are other common reasons why an electric panel would be replaced in a home. If the home has expanded or has otherwise been renovated, an electrical upgrade may be necessary. Renovations may require the installation of new outlets and switches. A new panel may also have to be installed if available slots are limited. All of these changes increases energy demands, and the electrical system must be able to accommodate that.

Eliminating the minor problem before it becomes a major one

It’s never a good idea to ignore loud crackling noises from the electric panel. This problem could indicate burnt contacts or a possible circuit overload. Replacing an electric panel when there are unpleasant sounds coming from the system is essential because it could indicate impending failure.

Is it time to replace?

If the circuit breaker is switched on, but power is still unavailable in a room, the system may need to be replaced. If after testing the system you have a reading of zero, it may be time to consider replacing the system altogether. If any of the wiring appears to be scorched or discolored, it may be time to upgrade the electric panel.

The Electric Connection wants households to be safe. A part of this means keeping the electric system up to code and fully compliant. Replacing the electric panel to accommodate evolving energy needs or to improve the aging system’s performance is important in maintaining a safe home. Contact The Electric Connection if you have any concerns about your system’s safety or performance.