Outlets & Ceiling Fans

What to look for when hiring an electric contractor to replace a ceiling fan or outlet in my home in Columbus and Westerville, Ohio?

FanThe installation of a new ceiling fan, light fixture or outlet is a wonderful addition to your home that can add considerable function and even style in some cases. However, this is not a task that you want to tackle on your own because of the potential for injury related to electrical shock, falling off of ladder and more. Finding an electrician in Westerville, Ohio to help you with your electrical project is a smart idea, but you may be wondering what to look for when making a hiring decision. There are a few important factors that you should consider before you hire a professional contractor to complete this type of home improvement project.

First, ensure that the professional is both licensed and bonded or insured. Licensing ensures that the professional has the knowledge and experience to work on your home, including knowledge of local codes and building ordinances that are important with electrical work such as this. When an individual or company is bonded or insured, it takes the liability risk off of your shoulders. For example, if the individual was injured while working on your property, the liability risk would be placed with your homeowners insurance policy. When the individual carries his or her own insurance policy, the liability risk is transferred to their policy.

While it is critical to ensure that the individual is licensed in Ohio and bonded and that their status with both of these is current, it is also important to verify that the professional contractor has experience working on this type of project and that they can complete the work quickly. You can inquire about past work experience before making a hiring decision, and it is also wise to read online reviews that others have posted about their experiences with the electrician you are considering for the job. Bear in mind that most contractors will have at least one or two negative reviews because it is impossible to make all customers happy, but if you notice a trend of bad reviews that all say roughly the same thing, you can likely expect to have a similar experience yourself.

With the right electrician working on your project, you soon can enjoy the benefit of a fully functional ceiling fan, outlets or other fixtures. You may consider following these tips today as you shop around to find the right professional in Westerville, Ohio to work on your home.