Why Whole Home Generators

What are the top 5 reasons someone would have a whole home generator installed in Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus area residents have suffered prolonged power outages due to major storms like Hurricane Ike in 2008 and the derecho of 2012. However, normal seasonal weather in Columbus, like tornados, straight line winds, and ice storms can also cause prolonged power outages. Being prepared with a whole home generator has many benefits.

1.Whole Home Generators Start Automatically When the Power Goes Off.

With portable generators, someone has to be home that knows how to shut off the main power source, start the generator, and safely keep it running. Whole home generators are wired into your main electrical box and have a sensor that detects when the power goes off. They shut off the main power source to prevent backfeeding electricity through the power lines. Then, they start automatically, and they run until they sense that the power is on again. Whole home generators do not have to be refueled. They are connected to a liquid propane or natural gas line. There is no need to be have cans of gasoline, which is not safe but necessary with portable generators.

2.Power Outages Can Happen During Extreme Temperature Conditions.

Prolonged power outages can happen during extreme heat spells or, even worse, extreme cold spells. This is not a concern with a whole home generator. They produce enough power to run the furnace or the air conditioner. This keeps families, including pets, safely at home together rather than in a shelter during a prolonged power outage.

3.Power for Medical Equipment.

Having a whole home generator assures that any electric-powered medical equipment will always be available when needed. This resolves any what-if worries before a power outage happens.

4.Prevents Food Spoilage and Allows Continued Use of Electronics.

With a whole home generator, food storage and preparation is not an issue during prolonged power outages. Furthermore, the use of electronic devices for work or communication purposes is possible. This reduces the disruption to normal activities caused by prolonged power outages.

5.Can Increase Home Resale Value.

Having a whole home generator installed can increase the perceived value of the home to perspective buyers. Once perspective buyers understand all the benefits, a whole home generator will be an added feature.