New Generators

What to look for when hiring an electrician to install a new whole home generator in Columbus, Ohio?

A new whole home generator serves as a backup in the event of a storm or other event resulting in a power outage. Powered by liquid propane or natural gas, the system can power an electrical system. In the event of a power outage, the powerful generator installed by a professional electrician can really come in handy. Homeowners appreciate not having to worry about being without power for too long with the backup energy source.

Columbus Ohio Generator DealerWhat is a generator?

A standby generator delivers power fast to companies experiencing an outage. They are installed in the Columbus, Ohio yard by a professional electrician. Power can be restored immediately and becomes available for multiple days. The compact units can power multiple circuits at a time. The external fuel supply is used to power the system.

How do they work?

An automatic transfer switch will disconnect from the utility system in the home if an interruption happens. Once the home is taken off the grid, the generator is activated. Once it’s been activated, the power is transferred to the electrical panel. The system then runs off of whatever fuel is stored in its reserves.

Common reasons for getting a new whole home generator

1. A longer runtime is available with this type of generator.
2. During a storm, you will have instant access to reliable power.
3. Food is protected and temperatures remain stable when there is no access to power.
4. Standby generators don’t require any hands-on maintenance or manual operation by the homeowner. It activates itself when certain conditions occur.

What to expect during an installation?

A professional electrician can install a new whole home generator safely. They can even help in identifying the appropriate type of generator perfect for the home’s energy needs if power is disrupted. The electrician will assess the performance of the generator when connected to the electric system to make sure that it’s operating safely.

What to expect during a generator installation?

1. The electrician installs the transfer switch.
2. The generator is positioned and installed.
3. Electrical lines are enabled for connectivity.
4. Connections to the fuel source are made.

The new whole home generator serves as a reliable energy source if power becomes unavailable during a storm or power outage. Capable of powering a unit for days at a time, families can be assured that their home will have adequate protection until power is restored.