Generator Repair

Why hire The Electric Connection to repair or replace your whole home generator in Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus Ohio Generator DealerGenerators can produce electricity without being plugged into an electrical grid. They can produce several kilowatts of power, but they can malfunction during inclement weather. A generator has several components, and a licensed electrician can repair any mechanical or electrical problem. Most people do not use a generator often, but they expect the generator to work when they need it. All appliances need regular maintenance, and all generators have normal wear and tear issues. There should not be any cracks in the fuel lines. An electrician can make sure the generator is working properly.

A Basic Visual Inspection
A homeowner can do a visual inspection after a thunderstorm, but the generator also needs to be inspected before the rainy season. It should always be inspected after inclement weather. If there was not a severe thunderstorm in the area, there might not be any noticeable physical damage. The inside of the generator could still be damaged. The machine should be turned on every few months. When it is inspected on a regular basis, the homeowner will know if it needs professional repairs. Call an electrician if the generator does not turn on after a few minutes. If the generator makes a strange sound, it might need to be repaired or replaced.

Inspecting the Internal Components
The generator should be inspected by a professional at least once a year. An electrician will inspect the inside and the outside of the unit. After a few diagnostic tests, the electrician will inform the homeowner of any external or internal problems. If the generator is rusty, the electrician might change the oil or lubricate the mechanical components. A generator is a complex machine, and an inexperienced person should never attempt to repair a mechanical or electrical problem. A faulty generator can cause an electrical fire. An experienced electrician can safely repair any damaged wiring.

Following a regular maintenance schedule will ensure that the generator stays in good condition. A homeowner can check for exterior problems, but an electrician must do the technical work. An electrician can make sure the generator performs optimally in emergency situations.