5 Reasons Every Ohio Homeowner Needs a Power Generator

5 Reasons Every Ohio Homeowner Needs a Power Generator

Some Ohio homeowners view power generators as an unnecessary expense that offers little-to-no benefit. Even if it’s only used once every few years, though, a power generator is a smart investment that pays off many times over. Here are five reasons every Ohio homeowner needs a power generator.

#1) Prevent Food Spoilage

When the power goes out, food stored in the refrigerator and freezer will quickly spoil. Assuming it remains completely sealed, refrigerated food will begin to spoil in just 24 hours. Homeowners can protect their perishable food from spoilage, however, by using a power generator. A generator will keep the refrigerator and other critical appliances running during large-scale power outages.

#2) Prevent Frozen Pipes

Another benefit of owning a power generator is the prevention of frozen pipes. The bone-chilling temperatures of winter can freeze water in pipes, causing them to burst. With a power generator, homeowners can warm their home during winter outages to prevent costly plumbing damage such as this. Rather than spending money on plumbing repair services, homeowners should buy a power generator. Combined with the cost-savings benefits of protecting against spoiled food, a power generator is a smart financial investment.

#3) Keep Family Members Safe and Comfortable

Of course, a power generator will keep family members warm and safe during winter outages. With an average overnight temperature of 20.3 degrees Fahrenheit, Ohio is known for its cool winters. If the power goes out during this time of year, it can pose a serious safety risk to homeowners and their family members. Investing in a power generator, however, provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing that they can provide their family members with a comfortable and safe home if the power goes out.

#4) Power Communication Devices

A generator can also provide power for communication devices like telephones and smartphones in the event of grid outages. Regardless of season, there’s always a chance that a natural disaster will strike. Homeowners who aren’t prepared for such disasters may find themselves without a means of communication. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with a power generator. Ohio homeowners can keep their communication devices powered by connecting them to a generator.

#5) Variety of Options

Finally, Ohio homeowners looking to buy a power generator have many options from which to choose. For instance, a homeowner looking to power just few devices may choose a small generator whereas a homeowner looking to power major appliances and multiple electronics may choose a larger model. Furthermore, power generators are available in propane, natural gas and gasoline models.

These are just a few reasons Ohio homeowners should invest in a power generator. From Cincinnati to Cleveland, homeowners throughout the Buckeye State will benefit from buying a power generator.